Course Overview

The Department of Education identified the VET component of Senior Secondary Schooling as one area where student access is currently limited coupled with the lack of appropriate resources. Online resources have been identified as a way to provide remote students with access to virtual vocational course information that would not otherwise be available to them.

Hospitality is one of the areas identified to develop resources aimed at remote Indigenous students. Trainers have identified the complex levels of language used in currently available materials and toolboxes as an area of weakness, given that English is the students' second language. Another weakness is students' lack of general knowledge about cities and commonly accepted norms encountered in the training packages, for instance, knowledge about fast food, fine dining, and commercial kitchens. Although the Fliplets were originally designed to cater for Indigenous students in remote communities with their easy-to-follow format and multiple learning styles, the trial has been extended to non-Indigenous students, students with learning disabilities and as an introduction to students contemplating hospitality careers. The Fliplets are equally valuable for the Design and technologies and Work studies curriculum subjects in the Australian Curriculum. Teachers in both urban and remote communities can see the benefits of using the Fliplets coupled with Teachers' Guides in both pre-VET and mainstream classes.

Teachers (who often have no Hospitality experience themselves) are provided with a Teachers' Guide to assist with content and any questions the students may have. They provide sets of questions & answers, small and large group activities and practice exercises that can be combined with the Fliplet training to further extend the students' knowledge.


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